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I was at a party and i over heard some people talking, they said that they are currently renting there home out and putting everything in there name like the lights,water ,cable etc. and if the people dont pay the rent they just go and change the locks and sell everything in the home after three days. and if anyone question them they say that the poeple never lived there. IS THIS LEGAL . and if it is legal would this be like a hotel rental

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That would be stealing. It also would not work because all the tenant had to do is show the authorities that they have been getting mail there, the neighbors remember them living there, and they have phone bills from there. If I were you I would not go to parties at this guy’s house anymore. Crooks tend to hang out together. I bet there were drugs at that party also.

No Drugs , just a whole branch of millionaires. that have some inside sercerts. as far as mail you might have a piont but can’t they stay that they were staying but you no longer want them in the home anymore this might take less time then an evaction to get them out.

This isn’t an inside secret, it’s both illegal and unethical. I take it these “millionaires” who rent out houses don’t have their tenants sign a lease either. In all states I’m aware of, this would be treated like a month to month lease. The only option for this guy would be to lie under oath to say the tenant never lived their.

Very early in most of our lives we learn to not take things that don’t belong to us. The reward for locking a tenant out of their unit and then selling off their crap in 3 days is a pair of shiney bracelets with a chain between them. This would take less time to get them out than an eviction, but grand larceny charges have a way of throwing a wrench in a liquadation sale. Murder would also be a quick and dirty way to get them out. Trying to take an eviction in your own hands will backfire eventually as even nonpaying tenants have rights.

Say no to drugs at these parties!

In Texas, you can’t make a house unlivable. You cut off the electricity, take doors off, etc. and you’ll likely have a judge putting a boot to your backside. There are rules to follow when someone doesn’t pay rent.

Even if there is no lease, there are landlord-tenant laws and it sounds like these “millionaires” need to read up on the rules. They should be careful because someone can pretend to be a tenant and easily get them busted.

I’m sure the tenant would have phone bills, credit card bills. motor vehicle registration for the location.

My next door neighbor is an auditor for the NY state tax department and he is an auditor on people who does not pay NY state income tax claiming to live elsewhere. What they do is use phone records to prove where they are. Why are you making and receiving calls 200 out of 365 days of the year at this number if you don’t live there??

Can the millionaire landlord explain why someone who never lived there made and receive calls at the home phone??

Another friend of mine was collecting unemployment but running a business from home. Called me where the state sued him and he was confident they can’t prove he wasn’t looking for work like he was supposed to. How can they prove what I did at home, he was telling me.

The prosecutor asked him to bring his last two phone bills, asked him to go down the list, and discuss who he was talking to on the list showing that he was looking for work. They told him they’ll have the people he claim to talk to come in to testify if he lied. He admitted he wasn’t looking for work.

If they can prove what you were doing at home, they can prove you live there.

I’ve heard of this type of story at the local investment meeting. The one I heard was that the landlord just went in, put all the guy’s stuff outside and changed the locks when the tenant didn’t pay. I don’t think anything ever happened to him either because the tenant had other problems beside finding another place to live.

Now it’s up to the tenant to sue the landlord and because it can take months to evict someone, I’m not sure that this might be the cheaper way out in this state. Normally the landlord has to pay court costs to evict someone and get his court costs back from the tenant. On the other hand, if the tenant wants to sue the landlord, he’s going to have to pay the filing fee or find some lawyer willing to take his case and pay the filing fees.

Locking tenants out, and nothing happens, may work in the sticks.

Here in the big city, they’ll run to “legal aid” the second thing, after running to their local “neighborhood” group.

The original post mentioned denying the tenant ever lived there, which would add perjury along with other illegal acts perpetrated.

My dad locked a commercial tenant out, changed the locks, removing hs stuff to storage without going through an eviction. The tenant sued, they made my dad move the stuff back in the place, give the tenant the key to the new lock, and then start the eviction from that point.

My dad called a lawyer when the tenant sued, but his lawyer told him to go by himself, and play stupid in front of the judge so the the judge won’t throw the book at him. He did that, the judge said what my dad did was stupid, but let him off easy. My dad told the judge he’s there without a lawyer because “he’s broke, can’t afford one, because the tenant wasn’t paying the rent”.

Thanks for all the good advice, this sounds like something i will not be doing. happy to have a site like this so you can get good advice instead of bad advice.

Thank you everyone