Here are the BEST back links for Search Engine Optimization

I was sitting here working on my website, creating backlinks, trying to write more relevant articles, working on another video when I had a thought.

What makes a good backlink?
Well, The link should be relevant. It needs to hit the same keywords, generate traffic and that link should have other links pointed to it. That’s Hard to do. I’m working on something of a spiderweb of links pointed to my website and pointing to each other trying to make each one count, not fun.

Why aren’t we sharing links to our buying websites? All our websites are displaying similar, relevant information, have similar keywords and meta tags and should all have more links pointing to it. It seems all this ads up for some serious link juice!

I’m proposing link trading. All the useful relevant information will make for great links while not interfering with each others territories (google localizes searches based on IP)

Let’s see if we can’t start with one buying website per state. Post My Link on your website, PM me and I will confirm and reciprocate.

Links will be tagged under a navigation bar “Affiliates”

The link is in my signature

I’m proposing more of a network than just links for me. Imagine getting 40+ Links for adding a couple URLs to your website. :biggrin

I’ve been working for weeks and I haven’t created that many links and very few will be as high powered.
Let’s get it started!

I was trying to do one way linking with other investors as well. The problem is putting a link on your site when it doesnt fit in. for example, i buy and sell homes in nj. if i put your sc link on my site it won’t conform to the rest of the information and services.

any ideas? i’m open for a smart way to link.

Just create a separte page with “out of state resources”. There’s no problem linking to other real estate related websites - it’s still pretty relevant to your users and that’s the way search engines will see it too. Now if you link to “buy viagra” or “buy smartphones” that would be out of line with the rest of your content

Agreed it does fit in. If you were to see the keywords on are pages they would be highly similar.

They would likely be: buy, houses, sell, fast, condition etc…

Creating backlinks with content that isn’t similar is almost useless, 95% of our content is the same. Create a off page link on your home page with “Affiliates” or actually I like “out of state resources”

If you look at my buyers page and scroll to the bottom it has two links - quick home sale and local. This is where the “out of state resources” link goes to. (or the navigation bar) The link does not need to be highly visible to the user - If google has crawled your site they will pick it up in the HTML text. (if you don’t know what this means get signed up on Google Webmaster tools and have them crawl your site)

Remember when someone searches “we buy houses” they will be directed to the business located closest to their IP. However to get there you have to be highly visible to the search engines first! The local guy I’m trying to beat is also an agent. He has lots of quality links because everything is linked to his national RE agency site that has large pages that repeat the big keywords.

PM me when you created the link and I will confirm and reciprocate.

my company page would be better suited for this. if you’re open to one way linking (my site A links to your site and your site links to my site B) i would be happy to exchange.

to take this one step further, i’m sure we could create an affiliate program. i personally would pay for valuable leads.

I have you added under Affiliates.

check your PM ;]