I have the perfect opportunity to build credit Im going on a small road trip and i want to put my gas on credit and just pay it off one thing i got about 15 day to get a card and my friend just applied for card and got denied… If I’m preapproved for a credit card with my bank( name starts with w ends in a mutual) will they deny me if i have no credit built yet? because i don’t want to get denied now if i can just go cash and worry about it later

If I am understanding your question correctly, the answer is that it depends on a variety of things. History, employment time, income, are just a few.

If you obtain the card and use it appropriately. It is a great way to start your credit profile.

If you are looking to receive ths card in 15 days you can probably forget it. If they approve you then they have to send your order to another company to print the card. Then they will send you a notice that the card is coming, along with your PIN information. Then the card will come about a week later.

I hope this answers your question.

You have the “perfect opportunity” to build credit by doing exactly what you are talking about with the gas you use on a daily bases… you dont have to be going on some kind of road trip.

alright thanks

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If you get denied you can use a secured card to build credit, here is one I see recommended regularly:

You deposit money, how much you deposit is how much your credit line is. They do this so that they know if you skip town with a balance owed they have enough in your account to cover it. Over time you can switch to one of their regular cards.