I am trying to wholesale my first property however none of the title companies I talk with can do a double-close the way I need it, where my buyer comes in first with the money and then I close with the bank.

They said there was no way to do this deal b/c I would have to own the property before I purchased it – that I would have to close with the bank first, get the deed, and then I could close with my buyer.

So, I started to call other title companies and I got the same story. They said I had it backwards, that my buyer, buys it from me after I own it.

Whats going on?!? Help!

Where do you live ?

Call your local REIA and ask for a referral to a settlement company that handles these transactions.

Also, call a “We Buy Houses” guy in your area and ask him for a referral.

Finding a settlement company to handle a double closing can be a lot harder than just looking in the phone book, as you have found out.