HELP !!!!!

Due to bad REI deal my credit scores are in the tank, I am 1 year removed from multiple foreclosures, and I pretty much feel like a complete failure! Is there life after such a mess? Any help would be much appreciated. At some point in time I would like to get back in the saddle and make a go of it again. Thanks.

what state are you in and do you have any funds to help you re start?? What would you do now that you did not the last time ??

There are several banks that will lend to individuals with previous foreclosures => 12 months for investment purposes.

Depending on other factors like credit scores, how you intend to document your income/assets, etc., you can expect LTV/CLTV on conventional financing to be between 70-75.

Hard money lenders would restrict you to between 65-70 LTV, but most would allow for a seller 2nd up to 95-100 CLTV.


I am in MO. I have limited startup funds. I would ABSOLUTELY STAY AWAY from the lower end rental market, as it has left a VERY BAD TASTE in my mouth. I would like to rehab properties and I possibly have someone to partner with in this venture. Thanks.

i will check in to my files and see if there is some one i know who can help you ;D

Thanks for checking.