I know this might not be the right place, but I am behind on my mortgage and can’t keep up. I need someone to take the house from me. We just moved there January this year. We can’t afford the payment anymore. I am in Maryland and need help fast.


What part of MD are you in?

I am in Elkridge, MD. Howard County. Few minutes from Jessup and Columbia.

Try Express Home Buyers, since you probably dont have any equity it might be hard to sell.

There website is

I am not part of them nor am I endorsing them. I just know there a big invest group in the area.

You can try Auction Brokers; they are in the Baltimore, MD area.

Whatever else you do, go to the bank TODAY, in person, sit down and work out a temporary arrangement that you can handle until you can get someone to take the house off your hands. Collections and foreclosure is a lose/lose that they want to avoid. Delinquent payments and foreclosure can mess up your credit for years and if you take the proper steps now it is completely preventable. The bank may even be able to refer you to someone who can take over the property. Good luck.

Hi, I’m sure we can help drop our website check us out :slight_smile: PM us

Hey Tino, this person was in trouble in 2006, hopefully they have sorted it out by now :biggrin