I have done 12 houses this past year I have rehabbed the last 10. I have 7 with my bank 5 with permanent financing.
I sold 2 and I close both next week so it reduces my loan by 100k to my bank.
Well I found another house its a great buy.
I asked for the loan plus the remodeling expense.
house is 160,900.00
remodele is 35,000.00
He has financed the last 3 homes 100% know he is making me put up the 35k to remodel.
It sucks.
I have proved my self with him over 16 years.
My credit score is 698
I have people paying me for every loan and I have great cashflow on every purchase.
Tell me what you would do?
I need answers.


well i dont think he is the only lender, find another, and explain the situation, there are millions of people who will understand and if you probe it , i dont think u wont have any problems i suggest to keep a portfolio with pictures of the before and after rehabs
good luck

what state are you in?