Help Yellow Postcard Mailers Need Advice

Hey All,

I am going to start a mailing this week of yellow postcards. They are going to absentee owners. I need some advice as to what to put on the card. Should I go simple like WE BUY HOUSES ANY PRICE ANY AREA THEN LIST LIKE DIVORCE, PROBATE, FORECLOSURE, ETC WE CAN HELP. Let me know what you think and what gets you results. Thanks!


i posted my post card somewhere round here


Holy cow do you post a lot. It took time but I paged through all your posts and saw that you uploaded a pictures of two postcards you use. These look really good, I am going to adapt them a little and mail them out today. Quick question, I am mailing them on 6 x 4.25 spacesaver cards, it looks like there are two fulls sides on yours. What is the size of your yellow cards? Thanks man!



Yeah MQ you do post alot!

Good stuff though.

Postcard work well. I usually use them as a cheap front man to see if I have a good address.
I then follow up with mailing a letter.

One good tweener for your postcards and letters are send out cards.
They are basically greeting cards with your message in your own hand writing. Pretty effective.

I’ll try and get you a URL