Help with wholesaling

  1. What type of contract should I use with the seller, and where can I get one at?

  2. Since I dont have any money and bad credit, should I use earnest money or a hard lender?

  3. Should I have a title company before flipping the property to another investor?

  4. Should I have the repair cost to rehab the property to give to the investor before selling it to them?

  5. If I used earnest money, how much should I offer to the seller? And who holds on to the money if I did a 3 month contract to buy?

  6. Are HUD houses good to buy. Thats one of the properties I found. But you couldnt even tell it was 4 sale because there wasnt a 4 sale sign in the yard. There was a sign in the window. Wouldnt have notice it if i wsnt looking for vacant homes. It said to call a local realtor if interested. Wouldnt I lose out?