Help with Wholesaling please

Could someone tell is this pattern correct when doing a deal.

  1. Go to the courthouse and look up homeowners who owe back taxes on there prperty.
  2. Right down the there information. Call them or send them a post card.
    3.Homewoner call me, I go look at the house to inpect it. Get some comps in the area from realtor or an appraiser.
  3. Run a title search for liens
  4. Make a offer and sign a Purchase to buy contract, with assigned aftyer my name Example Troy wilson or assign Have a escape clause to protect me, like upon my partner approval…
  5. Go to my buyer and have him sign a assignment contract.
  6. Wait until the deal close to pick up my check

Is alll that goes on? Who pay Closing cost? Do I add the closing cost in? Also since i am looking back taxes, would i be able to purchase the property from the owner with paying his back taxes? If I missing something please advise.