Found a property offered at a wonderful price. Big spread between the wholesale and the ARV. Could get it for a steal and pass it to a handyman whereby he/she could make a bundle on the profit end after fix up. House is over 3000sq. ft. 2 story built in 1898. Has a lot of the charm from that era. House is vacant. The problem is that it has numerous–(14 to be exact) code violations that have all been paid up to date but the violations have not been entirely satisfied so the money keeps accruing. Given the financial potential of this property, our question is, will a handyman/investor invest in a property that has so many violations even though the end result of a lot of time and elbow grease is possible? Just for reference some of the vioations in question are basement partition walls put up without permits, non permitted plumbing and electrical fixers, soft mortar conditons on exterior masonary, Would appreciate any feedback that could be offered on this whole deal. Thanks!

Having all those issues doesn’t make it attractive, but it will usually come down to the numbers. All those items have to be fixed and if there is enough profit, you will probably be able to find an investor who wants to take it on.

Thanks very much for your input on this wholesale deal. I appreciate any feedback that you offered. Wanted to let you know that the house has a $300,000 spread between the MAO and the ARV. Thanks again for your help on this one!