Help with vacant property

I own 3 properties on one block in Baltimore MD. It is a nice area. However there are about four vacant properties on the block also. They arent boarded up but just vacant. So i went to the tax assessment webpage and got the property owners address and sent letters asking to buy the properties but most of the letters got returned. I only had one answered and the guys said he does won the property anymore that the city does. My questions are what does that mean the city owns it? And what other action can i take to purchase the property if its vacant?


Put a for sale by owner sign with your number in the yard, and the owner will call you quickly. It’s up to you to let them know the reason why your sign was in their yard. Either say your sign guy made a mistake or let them know that you were interested in buying that property. They can’t be too mad to hear someone say they want to buy their property.

Hope that helps.

ok i will try that

If the property has federal tax lien on it and does not sell in an auction then the government has the legal claims over the property and then acts as security to cover outstanding tax debt. If it is vacant you can buy the tax lien certificate of the property.