Help with unlawful homewners...

what would you guys suggest I can do with a home that has been illegally converted? These people spend all this money to add another kitchen and bath to bring in more tenants… and now they want more than what it should be… it’s fairly common around here…~

I don’t understand how you have a dog in that fight. It is like people speeding on the highway, as long as they don’t make you speed how is it your concern? Doesn’t the city police that?

The value of the work is zero if there are no permits and/or the property isn’t zoned for its current use. In some states, tenants don’t have to pay rent for illegal units and the unit must be brought to code before an eviction can take place. It doesn’t matter who does what or how long it has been that way. If you get caught, you are the one who has to pay the price. The worst case I have seen is a murder conviction for renting out an illegal loft with only 1 emergency egress. A student died because the fire blocked the only way out. The LL had no issues for many years up until that point.