Help with this Sub.2

Found this SFR worth approx. 200k-205k. 30k owed on 1st mtg. No 2nd. Owner died in Sept. last yr. and Daughter has been making the payments on the loan since then. They want to sell and are open to sub2 of first mtg, with owner 2nd for equity, O down. Just needs new carpet. Under contract for $183k. Have done numerous other sub 2’s but here is the question. The lender does not know the owner is deceased, as far as the "will " goes the daughter is the beneficiary of property. Should I just take the deed and not worry about it or would it be worth the time to go through the formalities of informing the lender of the owners death, and that the daughter was the beneficiary of the property, and then proeceed with the sub 2.

Thanks for any help.

You should make sure it is probated. Otherwise you may not be able to deliver title when your buyer cashes you out.

Hi there folks, I’m new in REI. What exactly is a “Sub.2” ?
Thanks in advance, Jim