Help with Tax Liens 101 - Florida

Hi everyone, new here
Great info everyone has posted. Im just a bit confused with process of tax liens.
Say I buy a tax lien of 1,000 on auction for 2,500.

  1. Owner pays the lien, what monies do I get back?
  2. Owner doesn’t pay lien and owes 200K on a 100K property, who pays the mortgage? Im I liable for payments?


Google Florida Tax Lien sales and you will get hundreds of sites in less than five seconds.

keep away from irvington nj tax sale

​Me and my wife have been buying certificates at the tax sale in Irvington NJ for quite some time, and its just been a nightmare i just had enough.

Irvington twp receives the check from the property owner but they play games on and on about this delay and this delay, it missed this meeting so it will go on the next meeting, someone forgot to put it on that meeting so it will go on the following meeting. then it finally does so you will get your check in a few days right? no! the finance office did not cut the checks yet because someone is out of town, when will he be back next week, ok so i wait again he comes back in to town but he is at “meetings” the the whole day, and anyway dont call us call the tax office i am told, but the tax office for years has been telling me its not their fault its the finance office who cuts the checks.

4 months after the interest date was calculated and i finally got my check!
(I am not talking of a small check, i am talking of checks in the 100-200k range, same story every time)
No wonder why Irvington is suffering, with such neglect and abuse for public service something big has to change, and it looks like mayor tony vauss is on the right path, he just might new to cut off some of the old heads that have old bad habits and are not ready to change.