Help With Tax Deed Purchase

I have an interest in a piece of land that is coming up for auction at tax sale next week, and I am wanting to cover all the bases.

I checked with the city and county departments and it seems there are no restrictions on the property to be able to build what we want, and there are no additional tax liens on the property with the government.

I am trying to contact Title companies, if one will call me back, to see about conducting a Title search to make sure everything seems as it is, but is there anything else I need to watch out for or pay attention to?

Any help is appreciated-

Much depends on your state. Some states have redemption periods, etc.

Sorry…Texas is the state, though relevant, I think my question is pretty general to anyone in any state trying to cover their ends when purchasing a tax deed property…which is what I am trying to understand perhaps a process one might want to know about the property before purchasing.