Help with rehab question

I’m a newbie doing my first deal in Missouri. The property is a block bungalow, 2br. The exterior is stucco in good shape. I 'm wanting to drywall the interior walls and am wondering about a moisture barrier. Should that be part of the process? and if so, any recommendations on material etc…etc…

I think this will be a really good experience for my first deal… after property is re-habbed I’ll have 70% of ARV in the property with none of my own $ invested. Rather than flipping, I plan on holding this one as a rental. I’m open to any advise concerning this business!!!

I appreciate any and all responses> Thanks, Randy

The vapor barrier is only needed behind the wall that’s exposed to the outside. Make sure you have good insulation behind these walls. Your walls subdividing the rooms, you dont need vapor barrier. A common mistake by most novice rehabber is using ordinary dry wall in the bathroom(especially adjacent to the shower). What you need for this is “green board”. This is designed to handle moisture perfect for the moist area.

The thing with 2 br, its going to be a little bit tough comes a time when you want to sell it. Just about anyone looking to buy a home looks for at least 3 br nowadays. But for rental purposes, its about average. And that depends on your location. Check around the neighborhood of your property for rental comparison. You dont to rent it too high nor too low. Just stay within the market.

Howdy Randy:

How bad is the moisture problem? If it is really bad and the walls are sweating you may need to actually waterproof the interior walls before sheetrocking.

Most cover jobs I have seen do it this way:

Use treated 1 by 4 16 inches on center and at top and bottom of the walls to use as nailers for the drywall. Attach these with glue and or concrete nails. Use a layer of 6 mil plastic as the moisture barrier.

Another idea to add insulation is just to stud up a wall against the existing outside wall and then add R13 with the vapor barrier to the inside(paper side to the inside) You can add the plastic to as extra vapor barrier. I would at least use a treated 2 by 4 on the bottom wall plate. Secure the studded wall at top and bottom with the appropriate fasteners.