Help with questions? HmL? 'comp' a property? how and wht is closing cost?

hi i love real estate, but i have lot of ??? How do ur relate with a prospective HML? do be able to get funds? how do u ‘comp’ when inside a property? and closing cost, i read an article that say "make sure the lender has recieved paperwork so as to close or something and make sure the title co. recieves papaerwork to ensure ontime closing.??? somebody who has an idea please tell me. any info is very much appreciated.

You need to clarify your questions, they don’t make a lot of sense :smile

For an HML, each lender is different. Contact several and see what they need as far as property information and documentation. Some require more than others.

Comping a property is not done from inside. Comps are comparable sales in a neighborhood. Meaning what houses sold for that are similar to the one you are looking at.

and this:

I have no idea what this means. I would hope this wasn’t a direct quote from an article, because it makes no sense LOL! I assume the gist is to get all your paperwork to the lender that is required so the closing won’t be delayed.

u know looking now, it kinda funny. asking outta desperation for an answer. but thks for ur reply. it’s very helpful i’ll call around different HMLs to find out thks! :smile