Help with Pre-Construction - Credit Participation

Have noticed a couple posting online talking about investing your credit and being compensated 10% equity by builders when homes are built and sold.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Posts say you can make anywhere from 30k/100k projected within 12 months.

Also - Has anyone heard or worked with a company Cantor Phillips/Credit for Equity or Magix Corp?

Thanks for any help!

Try checking my posts from last week " A Litle help guys".

The best response was from Dave. He outlined what he was doing with preconstruction and what his results were–pretty eye opening.

Of course I think people can make in pre construction but there is a lot to be learned first–and I certainly dont know now.

After dealing with a similar company, having a lawyer look over the contract, and getting information from this board, I would strongly suggest you do your homework first.


Thanks for the input, definately want to do some research. I’ll check out post you suggested for sure.

Thanks again.