Help with Hard Money

I am having a really hard time finding a HML in Nh. Need around 60k with rehab costs.

I have a 700+ credit score but need no income verified. Can anyone help with this?


Anyone around??

Did you try looking in the Investor Resources tab to the left of this post under Hard Money lenders?

Thank you for the response, I have tried that and come up with nothing. Any other ideas?

Hello, With your credit score, you really don’t need a HML. Most lenders have no doc loans available. You should only use a HML as a last resort. I suggest that you check with your local lenders and credit unions.

Hello Rehabed

I just saw this site mentioned in another post on this forum. Not sure it will help but maybe they can point you in the right direction if they can’t.

Thanks aleinstein, I went to the site and it looked great, however it doesnt look like they do it in my state.

I did e-mail them and am waiting to here back.

Thanks agian

Just got an e-mail back, they only lend in Colorado an Arizona.