Help with First Door knocking

Well I went to this townhouse that was about to be closed on in 2 days. Made the lady an offer, we negotiated back an forth then finally settled on a price of 130k. this townhouse was/is well worth 200k. She signed a sales contract, and I went on my merry way. The next day her lawyer filed for bankruptcy and now I think I am out of luck. I can’t seem to get a straight answer from anyone. I do have a sales contract signed by her. What to do???

Feed me more info. What is on that contract?

It’s a standard from contract for purchase and slae of RE. I am a realtor. But at the time I did know about this whole door knocking thing so I went with another realtor/invester and they basically negotiated the deal for me. It does say, in the attorney apporval section that it is subject to sellers bank postpning forclosure. Which i assume they did if she if filing for bankruptcy. Time period of offer expired 5/11. HELP

Now I am really confuse. I have a bad feeling about this deal. You’ll spend tons of time and resources and at the end empty hand. If I were you I would learn few things from it and move on to next deal. You might wasting your time over something that is not clear for you. I am sorry I can’t help. I just don’t get it.