Help with Financing please.

Can anyone help me or give me a lender that will loan 85-90% LTv on commercial investment properties. I have a private money guy who will help me with down payment as long as it’s not more than 10%-15%(15% will be base on the deal,sure 10%). I know i can be creative asking a seller to hold a small second,just in case the bank will not agree with the seller second,i wanted a lender that will loan up to 85%-90%.Please,any idea or help would be great,thank you.


 There are no commercial lenders either conventional or private who will loan 85% to 90%, but in commercial lending most lenders will be fine with say loaning 70% to 75% with your 10% down and a seller carry second of 15% to 20%, you just have to work the numbers and make sure your commercial investment target has sufficient cash flow to meet the debt service on tthe notes and pay for all the expenses on the property.

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Thank you gold river

I 2nd that motion…Also building business credit can help