Help with financing.. need a real guru in the biz

I am looking to buy a SFH in Florida. However the only financing I can obtain is HML which comes with high rates. I actually found a home and have a contract so looking for ASAP funding with a closing date of Dec 22nd.

My HML say he can do loan with 25% and 7.9% for 4 years and then I can refi loan out but if i can find better terms I am all for it plus I do not put 100% faith in the HML. We all know the stories.

So here is my situation

In Nov 2013 I had to file BK13 due to a wage garnishment on a defaulted home loan from 2006. Since I have about 4 years remaining I been told NO BANK will lend me money.
MY FICO are 748,688,674 so scores are there. Even with a recent BK13, I have great scores because I had no debt going in to BK13.

DTI is fine. Purchase price of home is $249K. I have 25% downpayment if needed but of course less is better plus better rates. 1% makes a big difference on PITI.

My credit report does not show any negatives outside of BK13 to worry about. NO foreclosures show. I did a deed of lieu in Jun 2013 and the bank removed all the tradelines as well.

So if you have a product that is good for at least 4 years while I am in BK13 payment plan I be interested in talking. I can go full doc as well.

If you can help email me,