Help with double closing and assignment fee ?

I found a steal. The guy is wanting 30,000 for a partial rehab here, so I’m going to offer him 25,000/close in 30 days.

My question is, when we go to close, and say i pull 10,000 from the deal , is the seller going to know how much I will get from this sale ? Or will it be anonomous?

How would I be able to Close and the seller not know about what Im taking in ?

The title company said that they do double closings, and that they would both be in the room together at the same time. ??

Im still learning so Im a little confused with this whole process. Can someone explain the closing process to me more, and how they would know what I am going to make off this flip ??

I was going to charge the buyer roughly 35,000 for the home, but dont know if I should go higher. ARV shoule be around 60 -70,000 and comps are about 70 -80, but couldnt really get any good comp info so thats a estimate.

I want to keep it low, so I can make a good fast sale, but I also want to walk away with about 10 in my wallet so I can pay off some debts that I have and start fresh.

I am charging low for a quick flip, plus being my first deal just to get my feet wet, and bring in return busniess from my potential investor.

Any suggestions at all ?

Time is of the essence, as I am meeting home owner today at 3:30 to sign the PA

Nevermind, I found the answer to my question, no help from here.

Its amazing that there can be 50 views to a post, and not one person will reply …

Lots of help that is.

My last post here, as I have found a place that is current with information, and has people willing to help, and not just read it without any feedback at all.


I read your post, Scooter…I don’t flip properties, I “buy, fix, and hold”…so, Do you really want my advice?

I think to present a post like that to the great folks in this forum is, at best, bad manners.

I hope your new forum meets your needs better.



since you found the answer elsewhere, I’m curious as to what you did? It’s an interesting dilemna I’m sure most newbies would like an answer to…if you could share your knowledge. Thanks