Help with creative deal

Hello all…need some advice on a wholesale deal I am working on.

The purchase price of the property is $2,500,000
The appraisaed value of the property is $3,800,000
LTV: 65%
Equity: $1.3 million

I have a buyer lined up for the property…he is willing to pay cash for the deal, but is asking for seller carry of $250,000 for 90 days.

The seller is not comfortable with that option, as they want all their money upfront. The buyer needs to get $250 out somehow to make this deal work.

Can anyone think of a creative solution to make this work? Cash back option maybe?


This may seem like an elementary answer, but why not have him pay cash for the property, then the next day go to a local bank and take a $250,000 equity loan/line? Or better yet, take a $300,000 equity line and use the extra $50,000 to make payments on the line for the 90 days you described. Probably take about 10 minutes of paperwork and cost $100 or so.
Is there a reason this is not reasonable?