help with contract.

I sure hope someone can help with this. I have my funding in order, I found a property, worked the numbers, ready to make an offer. here is my problem. I look at the contract and get dizzy, obviously the seller, buyer, address I can figure out but the rest is greek. Is there anyplace I can view one filled out, or should I just adjust my #'s and get a realtor.

Thnk in advance
PS this is my first post here, I have been reading for a while and this site ROCKS!!!

Howdy Trwilliams:

Welcome to the site. Glad you found it. The forms are kind of complicated and even some Realtors have a hard time with them. It would help to know the state you are in for others to offer help. A lawyer may be a better choice instead of a Realtor unless you are buying cheap houses. Another idea is the seller. They have bought at least one house and probably used a similar agreement. Call it an agreement by the way. Does not sound as binding and they are not that binding on the seller any way if they want out. Yet another idea is a local club where you may find some help.

For legal perusal of your contract, aka agreement, get a prepaid legal membership. You will need legal advice at some point in your rei affairs.

And/or sense I totaly agree with you but have to throw in the Robology anyway call the title company they will help you fill it ouy in exchange for the business most of the time!


thank’s for your respons. oops! title company. what are good traits to look for in a title company?

Thanks again

I have now been with my title companies for 8 plus years they are great!

Ask other investors who they use in your area!

What State are you in?

does anyone use online title companies? I have noticed a few of them. I live in Kansas