Help with advertising?

Okay, this is my first post to this forum and I have read the rules. However, this post may/may not skirt the “gray areas” of posting rules.

Here is the situation, I am trying to locate investors seeking a rehab specialist for my specific state. I have done numerous searches through various search engines and classifieds but I can’t find, for lack of a better term, help wanted ads. What other avenues should I try? I work for the owner of the company, who is a personal friend of mine, and am trying to locate resources via the net as he is computer illiterate. And to be honest I am beginning to think I am in the same boat with this situation although I have been online for over 8 years. This is the first time I have had to utilize the web for business purposes so I am a little lost as to how to begin and where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Leslie M. Brigance


Try finding local REI club in your area. There will be a handful of investors, and if not, people will have some contacts for you.

HI Leslie,

Grant-RTG recommendation is very good but I also suggest you try your local paper