Help with advertisement

I’m putting together an investment group to raise money needed to buy into fractional minority ownership of an ALF. I’m trying to come up with 600,000 - 1,000,000. Per 100k, the ROI will be 100% (cashflow paid monthly) after year 6, with an additional 50k equity bonus upon sale to national chain, for a total ROI of 150k for a 100k initial investment (150% ROI).
The annual ROI breaks down like this:
Yr 1 3750
Yr 2 7784
Yr 3 20806
Yr 4 22839
Yr 5 24878
Yr 6 26708
Upon sale to national chain, 50k bonus for a total ROI on 100k of 153,012.
There is a 6 year minimum investment term. An executive summary and business plan will be given to each investor.

How can I word this for local paper, craigslist, etc? Should I leave email instead of phone # so I can outline in more detail each year of the project? I want the ad to jump off the page, with some urgency! I’ll be taking the first 10 100k investors.

This will be secured by both real estate (land and building) as well as the business.