Help with a term

I was wondering if someone could help me out here. The other day I read a post where someone was referring to a realtor that dealt specifically with REOs and they had addressed that realtor with a title. At least I think it was the realtor it might have been the bank REO person.

I know some of you people should come up with some good ones here but I am looking for the one used in that post.

Can someone tell me what that person’s title would be?


There is no special name that I have ever heard a REALTOR called who lists REOs. Realtors who sell REOs usually deal with an ASSET MANAGER for the bank.

yeah there is some sort of name i believe HUD gives to agents they work with but it’s no biggie.

REO and HUD foreclosures are not the same thing. HUD has a listing broker and I think it’s the same for agents who list REOs. They don’t work at the company and are just agents who they select as listing agents. There is an application process and agents can have a shot at being listing brokers often by doing Broker Price Opinions and developing a strong track record with the company.

From HUD’s FAQ, you can see how agents become “listing agents”

Asset Manager is what I was looking for.

Sorry for teh confusion I could not remember the position of the person.

Thanks for the help.