Help with a Property Manager ?


I have a property manager who doesn’t do well with their reporting at the end of the month as to what rents came in or what expense occured on my units.

This delay information has costed me some money in the past and my property management hasen’t taken it serious enough in my eyes to understand how valuable having accurate and timely information so that I can make some decisions to avoid these unnessary expenses.

I know that property managers need to have a Real Estate license with the state to property manage. I am looking to see if there is any recoarse with a state agency or some other agency that I can look to help recoup some of these overlooked expenses/costs?

Thanks in advance.


Simple answer is No.
Not all states require them to be licensed. Example is Va.
If so State agency would only help if the broke any laws or regulations like mishandling funds. A delay in bookkeeping reporting would not qualify.
Next is court and could only have a legal claim if your contract required them to report by a certain date and then the contract would have to state the amount of damages to you if not reported in time.
Just replace them.