Help! Wet behind the ears!

Hi Everyone!
I am a young adult that is very anxious to get started in the real estate industry… Im trying to read and learn as much as I can and surround myself with the right people. As I was reading around here, I stumbled upon this topic bird dogging and [/color] flipping… can someone please explain these topics to me and explain what they mean and what is involved in it? Thanks


Bird dogging is simple.

By definition, all it means is that you find a property for an investor and “sell” it to him for an agreed price. Some will pay you when you find what they want (if you are really good). Some will pay you when the close on the deal you found.

To be a bird dog you may want to:

  1. join RE investment clubs in your area if they exist
  2. find investors and propose to them…most would love to pay you a reasonable fee to close and make 10-20 times what they paid you.
  3. call investors who advertise themselves in newspapers, on road signs, etc.

Basically, it comes down to sacrificing yourself in order to learn how “investing” works. It’s a practical, hands on approach to investing where you receive income AND experience. I suggest it for anyone who wants to dive right in!

Happy investing friend,