HELP w/ Hard Money

I need some help finding a rehab hard money loan in Ohio with a 554 credit score. The property can be purchased for 20k with 25k-30k in repairs. The ARV would be between 75k-80k. I also have another deal that is a duplex that could be bought for 30k with 25k in repairs with a low end ARV of 90k.


You will need to have a very clear exit strategy in place before getting your hard money loan. With your FICO at 554 you will find it nearly impossible to refinance into a conventional loan or even sub-prime at this point.

I’m unaware of any HM lenders in OH that would assist you based upon your stated FICO score—You might consider partnering to shore up your weaknesses (lowish FICO score) as HM lenders will use the higher of two partner’s FICO scores…

As Chris has mentioned, your only clear exit strategy at this point if you intend to fly solo (assuming that you can find a HM lender that will entertain the deal) is to flip/retail.


Scott Miller