Help To Structure a No Money Down Deal

I have an opportunity to purchase an income producing Golf and Beach club consisting of 60+ acres. The property is underperforming and the owners are VERY motivated to sell. They have owned the property for many years now, made money with the property, and now just want to sell. I know that there is a No Money Down opportunity here, but I need help to put it in a contract.

Details of the property are:
•65 acre, 18-hole golf course with six acres of waterfront property.
•10,000 square foot income producing clubhouse
•4 acre undeveloped waterfront residential site entitled for 36 condominium units.
•5 acre residential development site designed for 29 single family homes with preliminary plat approval.
•5 finished single family lots ready for houses.
•Community dock and pier with 400 lineal feet of moorage

Please send “NO Money Down” scenario’s via email.
Thank You!

Seller financing is your only hope of 100% financing. No lender is going to give you 100% on this deal. Zero. Zip. None. Nada. Not going to happen. Don’t even waste your time calling around.

Do you have a history of managing this type of property? Do you currently own ANY rental properties? Commercial or residential?

You might also try to find a partner that can come to the table with money, and then you can buy him out after 12 or 24 months.

Is this property in Florida?