Help to create professional Flyer ?

I’m a real estate agent and trying to upload my portfolio in various real estate sites. I face a frequent problem to get the pictures to work. All that I can see is the titles. I’ve been struggling a lot to create a good eFlyer and upload them. I’m fed up. Please help.

Depending on your browser config sometime you need click on different tabs on ‘Property Listing’ page to get the form to upload the pictures. If your pictures to big it won’t upload. I’m a real estate agent and have been using a professional eFlyer to create photos. The site has additional features like property photo enhancement and professional email templates creation specially designed for real estate agents.
Hope it would solve your problem.

Pretty Good Site for flyers—>

It really depends on what the flyer is for but if it is for a property to sell, use postlets.

Hmm… that’s odd that you would be having an issue with the images. I’m not sure where you are trying to post them, but are you sure you are uploading valid file formats? Chances are you should be safe with uploading jpg images.

In addition, some sites only allow for uploaded images to be of a certain size and a certain dimension, so make sure to check those as well.