Help, tenant won't allow realtors.

I’m having problem with my tenant. She won’t allow realtors to go inside the apartment even with 24 hour notice. She’s currently month to month and she’s giving me the headaches. Could I evict her based on this problem? I gave her a 30 day notice to vacate the property. Is there any faster way to get her out of the apartment?
I told her the rent is still due for this month of September. So, I guess I can use that too in case she doesn’t pay. Any suggestions?
Property is in Wisconsin.
Thanks to all!

Have the local black and white (cop) accompany your realtor and if your tenant needs an explanation of the law Im sure the kind officer will ablige.

Don’t know about the laws in your state, but when I’ve heard of this happening it seems the easiest way to do it is to bribe the tentant. Reduced rent or few hundred dollars is the cheapest way. There’s really nothing in it for the tenant otherwise and really no penalty so far, they have a normal right to quiet enjoyment.

The other way is to get a court injunction that allows you to enforce your lease which probably has some provision in there that says you have a right to show the property with proper notice. Then when they don’t follow through, they’ve voilated a court order which has more serious consequences.

And by the time the court order for the showing goes thru the eviction has already taken place.

First off, I would say don’t make her mad. Threats, intimidation, and force may seem like a good idea, after all you are the big bad landlord right? Wrong,and people that think and operate this way will get burned.

When you are living somewhere it becomes home, and I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t feel comfortable with anyone in myhome, even family.

Like someone else said, your best bet is a bribe. And that is because it is less confrontational.

Personally, if I were the tenent and you forced your way into my rental, with the police and a realtor, no matter how much notice was given if I refused, it I found one thing out of place after their visit, I would be sueing, you, the police department, the policeman on the scene, the realtor and their agency, and whomever else that had anything remotely to do with the visit for anything I could think of. Sure, it may get thrown out, but before it does, it will cost you more than the cost of a bribe.

In this state they’re relatively easy to get. You can go to the court on two days during the week where they grant them so you should have it within a week. According to the judge that spoke about them, most people don’t know how easy it is to get one and get themselves into a lot of trouble with other methods.

imbeautiful1, before you call anybody else a “big landlord”, let me explain to you what happened in the past that led to this.
I bought this 2 unit for this tenant. She told me that she needed a bigger place. So, to get her business, I bought another 2 unit with 3 bedrooms in it. I fixed everything that she found wrong with the property and even lowered her rent from 750 to 700 dollars. She didn’t pay for the month of June and July. Everytime I asked her for the rent, she said she’s just having a rough time. Then, later on, said, “the hell with you landlord”. So, I started the eviction process, she got scared and paid for the two months. Now, she’s not letting realtors into the apartment and even her boyfriend wants to add to the trouble. So, do you think bribing is still the solution to this problem? I a new landlord and a really inexperienced one. But I’m learning not to be too lenient with people because of what happened.

next time she refuses to let you in, then hit her with 3days notice to cure or quit(or whatever you state is). when she blocks you a second time, then start an eviction. plain and simple…no 2nd chance, re-dos, cutting side deals, etc while this person may have been a good tenant in the past, they are no longer and will be trouble all the way to the end. I highly doubt they will leave quietly in 30 days despite you gave them notice.

the reason I would proceed this way is the 2 month of upaid rent (I would have evicted them right away) and that was cough up when you put the screws to them. this tells me they want to turn this into a game

I know that this tenant has become crazier than usual. But I considered her plea when she paid me the 2 months rent. Now, that she’s making it difficult for me, I sent her an eviction notice using USPS with signature.
I’m hoping that she’ll just move out. Worse scenario is that I have to get an eviction lawyer.

Thinking like that is gonna cost you a ton of money.

you have two strikes against you

  1. you are “hoping” work. I give it 50/50 at best, but if you want pursue this then beprepared to start an eviction on day 31 when she is still living there.

  2. “feeling bad”. You won’t feel so bad after you have to do your first eviction and you get stiff for $2000 or something like that. Maybe you’ll even get bonus of having tenants lie in court (happens frequently). Your tenant certainly wont’ feel bad when they get a couple months of free living out of you

with that said, you need to FAIR and FIRM and follow the LAW. Neither one of the two above feelings comes under those headings.

so how much of the 30 days is left?

uh…doesn’t your lease have a “right of lawful entry” provision?

I would never pay a tenant to let me in my own house. period.

I would give written notice of my intent to enter, and if she refused she’d be out. period.

no bullsh–.

I had this happen twice with the same tenant. (It wasn’t my property). I was trying to have inspections and she said she would cooperate and let the inspector & engineer in with not problem. When we arrived, she wouldn’t open the door.

Needless to say, I wasn’t happy. I spoke to the tenant when she finally came outside. I told her that I was paying money for these people to do thier jobs. I said, you don’t let me in, I am calling the lady with the key (agent) and we will come in wheather you are home or not. So next time, got the the listing agent to show up with the key. But wouldn’t you know, the lady opened the door when we knocked.

Who owns the property – you or the tenant?

Who’s in charge – you or the tenant?

Mark asks a good question – what does the lease say?


Most leases will indicate your rights of entry…usually 24 hours notice. I would put it in writing. You wouldn’t be in this situation if you had evicted her when she was 2 months behind. I’m not a slum lord and I do have empathy for people who are going through rough times…but i’m sure you didn’t get into this business to lose money.

Put your 24 hour notice in writing and show the place…

Let her know that if by some small mericle she is still in the house when the property sells…the new owner will seriously take into consideration her lack of cooperation when deciding whether to keep her as a tenant. Either way she will be out.