Help: Sold property and need to dissolve LLC.

Couple of questions: Thanks for any help on these.

  1. Is there a simple form to use to dissolve an LLC?
  2. Is it ok to disolve an LLC before the LLC’s fiscal year ends?
  3. Can the LLC issue K1s to the members after it has been disolved?

Thanks. Chip in DC.

Why would you want to dissolve it?

I set up the LLC just to purchase and sell that property. The objective of the LLC is complete.

LLCs are governed by state law. Check with your State Secretary of State, or the appropriate state agency that controls business registrations in the state where you registered the LLC, to see if you have to file anything. Maybe they have a standard form, or, you may need to send in “Articles of Dissolution”.

But again, why dissolve it? only takes a minute to file a “zero” tax return. costs $300 to set up a new LLC if you ever need one.

I set up an LLC for each property.

I like to close things out and simplify things. Also, reduces any liability for the members of the LLC for that particular property in the future. I use a generic LLC doc that my attorney created for each LLC. So I only have to pay the jurisdictional requirement for the docs.
Thanks for your replies.