HELP! Scared newbie with preforeclosure questions, please


I’ve only studied a “short sales” course, not a full preforeclosure case. I’m not as concerned with getting in the door as I am with what to do when I get in the door. I really want to get this thing off the ground, but I don’t want to appear as if I’m unprofessional and clueless. I’m in Florida, but I don’t know how much variance there would be from one state to another.

-Other than getting a Quit Claim Deed signed (where does that go???) ???, and get the title checked, what else do I need/ need to do?
-Do I contact the lender to let them know that I have a quit claim deed? (Depending on if there’s a lot of equity or not, I plan to either flip it or attempt a short sale).

thanks for your help!