Help!! Representing a group of buyers to purchase Notes

I have come across an opportunity to purchase a group of non-performing notes secured by properties in my area. A couple of my buyers have expressed interest in buying some or all of the individual notes. The seller will sell individual notes, but what I want to do is put togther a package offer to buy all the notes at once, and hopefully negotiate a better price.

The note seller wants a proof of funds before releasing the details of the notes and beginning price negotiation. My buyers have no problem providing this. I feel like I have all the ingredients to make a deal, but I am not sure how to put it together.

Do I need to establish some kind of fee agreement with my buyers?

Do I need a buyer mandate or letter of intent or both? Do the buyers sign it? Do I get one per buyer or have one for the group with all the signatures?

Do I need a non-circumvention non-disclosure agreement?

How do I get paid in this type of transaction? Do I charge a flat fee or a percentage, and who would pay this fee, the buyer or the seller? If I charge a percentage, what would be reasonable?

I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone can give, especially if you have brokered this type of deal before. I am hoping to move quickly on this, and if it is successful, to rinse and repeat.

Most daisy chain transactions fall apart before they ever get started. Get the buyer to sign the non-circumvention non-disclosure agreement and fee agreement. Don’t be surprise if the seller want to talk direct to the buyer.