HELP!!! renter bringing different kind of people home

my friend rents out his place where the renter bring home different types of people every day…it’s very frequent at night time from 12 am to 3am…he caught them one time with 10 people walking out to their car…he told the renter to stop bringing guest home yet it still happens… What do you advise my friend to do ?

thanks !!!

Frequent traffic at all times of the day an night is a sure sign of a crack house.

Here’s how I handle these situations.

  1. Tell the tenant to leave by the 30th of this month. Also, tell the tenant that you are contacting the police and drug task force immediately. (Drug addicts and dealers can be unpredictable and violent - take your handgun, legally of course).

  2. Call the police and drug task force and report the tenant.

  3. The tenant will not move out - I guarantee it.

  4. on the 31st, give them a 30 day notice to vacate (check you state laws) based on them violating your lease by dealing drugs. Of course, you can’t legally evict them without a conviction, but they don’t know that. Drug dealers are universally stupid (that’s a rule). This will make them mad. Now, ask them for the rent. Because they are mad, they will refuse to pay. NOW YOU"VE GOT THEM! Have no further contact with the tenant. As soon as the rent is late per your contract - EVICT THEM FOR NON-PAYMENT.

That’s the way I do it and it always works.

Good Luck,


my question on this is has the landlord recived complaints from other people as in the neighbors ??

How is he or she in the know of the groups of people comming and going ?? I f by others as in neighbors then the police would all ready know of this group?? As wellif you just start saying they are drug people and they are not you could get in your own big trouble I say just find a legal way to evict them as in if you told them no large groups of people after a time say 8:00pm and they do not follow the rules evict them and be done with it all !!

We need to keep in mind even if they are drug heads and basicly dumb they are all so very vendictive as well !!!

First of all these people are not normal every day people and turn into drug dealers once they move into your property. They were drug dealers when you met them. You must ALWAYS do a criminal and rental background check on every prospective tenant. If they have drug convictions don’t rent to them. If they had a clean background, they could just be playing in a band or something.

If you watch that A&E TV show entitled Dallas SWAT. The tear up your rental house if crack is being sold out of it. They hook up a tank to the front door and yank it off. I have seen them pull off half the roof when they yank the door. And your insurance is not going to pay for that. You need to be out front of this.


It is not hard to find out who is coming and going from the property. Get some license numbers and photos of the people and go talk to your local police. If they are criminals, the police will know it. Also, unless everyone in the neighborhood is a cracker, the neighbors usually know who is and is not a druggie. All you have to do is ask.


People do turn bad in a short period of time. Normal people get hooked on crack or meth and in a very short period of time they’re selling drugs, their body, their kids - ANYTHING TO GET MORE DRUGS! Also, no matter how good your screening, you can still end up with crackers. My last crackhouse was rented to a Registered Nurse. She had absolutely no criminal record. She had a female friend was hanging around alot - but there’s no law against that. The friend’s boyfriend ended up being a drug dealer and was dealing drugs from the house. Contrary to what you see on Dallas Swat, a routine drug bust doesn’t involve an armored personel carrier or a tank. The drug task force broke the front door and did some burn damage with their concussion grenade, but that was the majority of the damage.

Having said all that, I agree 100% that good screen in absolutely essential.


can we say that they are doing drugs and call the police to have them inspect?
do they mess up your property ?
there were no pic of the property before it was rented out…Can the landlord draw up the agreement and take pics before he moves out ?

time will tell i guess…just sit tight and wait ;(

that’s a good idea…
need to craack these guys open

Why is it only you that has concussion grenades thrown into a property? Can you be my mentor…I want to move to OH.


This is not an issue about me or Ohio. This non-sense is prevalent all over the US. Anyone that has a significant number of low income rentals experiences drug busts on at least an occasional basis. I don’t know a landlord with more than a couple of dozen rentals that has not had a drug bust or worse. Although it has not happened to me, I know a landlord who had to clean someone’s brains off the wall in one of her apartments (after a drug-related murder). YUK!


I still want you to be my mentor, you definitely have the right attitude. :slight_smile:

All the more reason to not just check credit, but also do a criminal background check. I use e-renter, but there are other services as well. Always, always, always check the tenant’s criminal history.

I don’t see any real evidence of drug dealing here. It looks to me more like a party animal. Groups of 10 late at night are just as likely to be buddies coming home from the bars with him. People don’t go in groups of 10 to buy crack.

Sad fact of life: you can not force your tenants to live without friends. You can not tell them who they can see or when they can visit with their buddies.

It’s hard enough to stop them from moving people in. You can not stop them from having friends over for a couple of hours.

The only thing your friend can do, if there is no hard evidence of drug dealing, is to think up an excuse to see the inside of the house and check for damage. If there is a lot of damage going on, or lots of complaints from the neighbors, then he can do something.

Otherwise, I suggest that he grit his teeth and ignore it. He can not renew the lease if it bothers him.

I try really hard to not rent to single college age males, simply because they are in the party stage age and normally have very little respect for property. I don’t reject for age or gender, but I can usually find a legal reason if I don’t want an applicant.