Help!! Real estate career opportunities.

Hey, Im Korin, i’m a Real Estate major at WCTC. Im in my second year of the program, and trying to learn as much as i can. As one of my assignments we were told to go, and get involved in “newsgroups,” which to me was something i’ve never heard about.
We are suppose to join a conversation about career opportunities. I didn’t see anything on this topic so i decided to post my own.
I guess my question is : In real estate there are many angles you can take, and many different jobs. HOw do you find the one that best suits your personality and capabilities? I’ve been trying to go and get an internship somewhere to get my foot in the door, and try and learn the backbone of real estate, and the terminology that is use, but i see it’s harder than i thought. And no one teaches you how to fail at something.
SO any information, that anyone has to help me out would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Korin ;D

Korin, what is WCTC?

i would say first and foremost, why are you looking for a “job”?

you’ll find that most on this site and many others are not interested in a “job”. they are interested in investments and making money. generally, you will never really make any money at your job. a job pays the bills. investments make money. businesses make money.

if you want to start out somewhere - get your realtors license, work for a mortgage company - either processing loans, telemarketing etc. you can also try and get a job doing some kind of data processing for a title company - whatever.

how old are you? if you are over 18, forget about “internships” - try and get paid while you learn. “internships” and the like are very college oriented and in my experience (i have a masters degree in counseling), they are generally a waste of time. you never learn the nitty-gritty.

building your competencies by simply reading some books (get them free in the library - or sit in borders for a few hours a week and read the books there for free) and work with someone who’s in the business of investing - this will pay off.

college/schools are all about interests and yada yada yada - if you don’t make any money doing it, then change your interests, expand your horizons.

My guess:

WCTC = Waukesha County Technical College by golly…you betcha.