Help Property taxes increased over 150%


I could really use some advice.

Can the County Assessors office raise property taxes here in California by over 150% in just twelve months? I just removed my name from the title and put on a sibling on title?
I still own the property the loan is in my name and I have been deprecating the property and have been writing off the interest on my tax returns every year since it was purchased.

I also pulled down comparable sales in the area and the assessed values are all over the map; for instance my property was re-assessed at $280,000 for a 1167 sq. ft. home built in 1981 purchased in 1988 for $137,500, where as a home that sold this year same size, same year built sold for $340,000 was only assessed for $156,500 ???

It seems to me that the assessors are just pulling number out if a hat, and if no complains, oh well!

Does ownership really change between siblings? I can prove that I’m still a silent owner/partner.

Your help is truly appreciated

Where I live, a complaint can be filed with the County Board of Revision in which the owner seeks a real estate assessment reduction.

Properties are appraised every three years in my county. But, when a property is sold in between the reappraisals it could result in a property’s reassessment. The example that you gave doesn’t make sense to me either.

While it is likely that the other property was assessed before the sale for $340,000, it sounds like the assessed value was far below market value given that it is similar to your property.

You might be able to provide information that substantiates that your property was overvalued for tax purposes. You’ll will need to find out more about what can be done in your area.