Help pls

ortgage 67k owe to the bank
Selling for 67k
Housed appraised for 85k last year as is, since then new roof
need some painting done and hard woods floors in some room need to be redone.

she just had house built across the street for 133k

What do u think the house would apprasie for? Do you think it could be appraised for 110k-115k

WHere is the house?

Anderson , INdiana

Howdy Father-Time:

Not enough information to answer. You need to look some more comps. Look at 3 houses in the area the same age and close to the same size and get the sales prices. Compare these and you will get a good feel for the value of your deal. My blind guess would be $90,000.


don’t stress, in most cities there are realtors who advertise sold in 48 hours call one and see if you get the answer that way, even if you pay him/her 6% you may come out way ahead, what I see is bad selling it for what you owe, you need pocket change now, go for the gusto!good luck!