HELP on Tax Lien & Tax Deed Investing, PLEASE!


I’ve been reading some on tax liens and tax deeds - sounds like a fantastic opportunity to invest at high rates of interest! Case in point,
I know one can earn upwards of 24% in Texas, what I don’t know is IF one can reside outside of Texas, in any other state, and still invest
in Texas (is IT a tax deed vs. tax lien state)? Insofar as investing in tax liens, can one do so starting out new without any funds of their own?
If so, how does one go about doing this without their own money? I also have read that only +/- 2% of the time does the investor actually
end up taking possession of the home due to default of the owner to pay off the tax bill. Open to any solid input, insight or result$ anyone
has had in this arena. Thank you.

TX pays a flat rate of 25% anytime within 6 months if th prop is redeemed.

Yes, anyone can invest, I know a lot of people who fly to TX from Canada just to purchase “redeemable tax deeds” - TX is unique and among only 5 states that sell Redeem. tax deeds.

you can only start out with no funds of your own if oyu have funds from somebody else.

To do it without your own money - you need to get others to put up the money for you.

The percentages of getting the prop really don’t matter in TX… the prop owner has 6 months to redeem, and you make a flat RATE of 25% even if they redeem the next day.

In this market, you are probable better off just collecting the 25% and never even taking possession of the prop.

Good Luck

In a tax lien state, the lien (consisting of delinquent taxes, accrued interest, and costs associated with the sale) is offered to prospective investors at public auction. Traditionally, auctions were held in person; however, Internet-based auctions (especially within large counties having numerous liens) have grown in popularity as this method allows for bidders from outside the area to participate.