HELP of finding comparables for rentals

Does anyone know how to get comparables for Public Housing in order to increase your rent for the existing property?

Howdy Unique26:

Newspaper ads, signs in the yard, MLS for lease properties thru Realtors, For Rent magazine (mostly apts), friends , REIclub members, Greensheet and Thrifty Nickel or other weekly rags

BUT Public Housing will not take the listings. They want actual rented properties. That way they know for sure the increase in rental price is truely what everybody else is paying for.

Howdy Unique:

Any other excuses. Just get in there are start calling around to the folks running the ads etc. They may own 1000 units. How many comps do you need? Give me a phone and a phone book and I will get you comps all day long out of the Yellow Pages. LOL

I’m asking this question for a friend. I thought the public housing people needed something “official”. I guess that is the only way to get current rental comps is by calling. Thank you for the reminder.

Ask the people in a comparable unit for a copy of their lease. What’s the worst they can say? I do stuff like that all the time. A little rejection won’t hurt. So you knock on the next door.