HELP! NEWBIE Trying to make anytype of deal

I have a friend who’s trying to sell her house since she’s trying to move back to her home town. She’s trying to make this as fast as she can or when she actually get a job notice there. The house is in a semi brand new sud-divison (about a year and a half old). It’s a 3story (basement included), 3bd with a loft option to turn into a 4th and 2 1/2 baths. She
purchased it for 185k and it’s appraised at 210k. She’s trying to do a straight sell for 215k. She’s currently paying 1,567 for her mortgage.

I talked to her about letting me do a purchase option on it but she’s skeptical about not getting any money during the montly process as well as setting a set purchase price for me on the home later down the line b/c she knows it will appreciate later. I mentioned giving her some of the upfront money that I’ll receive from the tenant-buyer and I stated that her main portion (profit) is at the end when the house is sold as well as the tax benefits.

Is there anyway I can turn this deal into a win-win situation for me and her and a tenant-buyer. The only other exception is that I don’t have a tenant-buyer at the momement but I also don’t have a house at the momement. Can you help me out with this?

Find a tenant buyer first. If credit is good, buy the house from her and put your tenant buyer in there.

She’s not motivated enough, move to the next deal.