help! newbie and possible deal help!

ive been marketing to out of state owners and i have a guy who called me and basically wants to give me his house for nothing. his father left him the house and he doesnt want it. The back taxes are $2500 , but its a quit claim deed. Arv 35,000. will i be able to wholesale this with a quit claim deed?

I assure you no one is giving you a house because he likes your postcard. If it sounds too good to be true, hold on tight to your wallet because you’re about to be fleeced.

If your contract has an out-clause, go ahead and contract on it. See what you can do. You never know. And if it’s a bad deal, then you cancel and move on. No sense passing just because it may be too good to be true. Get on it and make it happen.

Instead of quit claiming it, just contract on it for $100. And, when you market it, make sure you tell people it has $2500 in taxes that need to be satisfied. You could flip it for $10k and they’re still getting it for $.30 on the dollar. And, if the going rent in the area is decent, it just may be a very good long-term deal.

Very true. Don’t pass it up just because. But make sure you have your out clauses just like Maestro said. As long as you’re covered, then you can start digging into the lead. It may turn out to be a 5 figure deal!