HELP NEEDED. investment loan

How do I find lenders who will do 100% financing on an investment loan. This property is located in Louisiana, it’s 8 units of single family homes on 4 acres land. The monthly rent on all unit is around $6000. Asking price is $450,000; according to my cashflow analysist, the property will cash flow over $1200 a month at the low end after expenses. This is in a prime investment area.

I currently own 1 duplex and 1 townhouse. The duplex is cash flowing $450 a month after expense. I will be able to sell the townhouse and have $50k available to use if necessary to acquire the property.

Any one with any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Are the homes sub-divided? If so, this should be doable. If they are not subdivided, it will be very difficult to secure financing, especially 100%.

I believed it is; but I’ll checked with the agent I’m working with just to make sure.


Just out of curiousity, what approximately, would this loan structure look like? Rates/Terms for something in at least a 10 year fixed (30 year amort)?


It’s difficult to say without knowing specifics, but the rates are pretty high on 100% investment. You would probably be looking at low 7’s on the first mortgage and 9-13% on the 2nd. Those are no points rates. That would be structured 80% 1st/ 20% 2nd.