Help me!!!!!!!

I own a home free and clear, the problem is that it needs serious rehab but no bank will loan me a dime. My debt to income ratio needs rehab too! I need a lender who will lend to me regardless of the home’s condition and my debt situation. If I was able to get the home repaired I could sell it and clear most of my debt. If there’s a lender in this world that would help me in a situation like this where would I find one?

In Illinois

What part of Illinois do you live in?

Hello, Have you considered a Hard Money Lender (HML) as a last resort?


I live in Alton. Its about 10 minutes from St. Louis, MO.

Have you tried going to Wells Fargo or American General Finance.

These companies lend on personal property not so much home value. The rates are through the roof, but, it may help you get through.

Thanks Mark, I’ll look into those companies ASAP.

You can get up to 70% of the future house value after rehab
and yes, it is based on house, not you
it isnt cheapest, but if you know what you doing it is a gold mine.
call 916 648 2680 Gary Dahlbeck at CommunityCommerce Bank.

Thanks Yuriy, I’ll call them too. What area code is 916. Doesn’t seem like an illinois code. I’ll try it though. thanks again!


yes, it is not Illinois,
it is Sacramento, CA
I just have purchased a house in Florida with an agent in Virginia and loan oficer in Las Vegas
without meeting or seeing any of them. Who cares where is the bank if they give you a right loan, right?
Let me know if it was any help for you.
Good Luck!


So I just got off the phone with Gary and he said that he can’t loan outside of the state. I still have a few other companies I can try before I go the hard money way.

:-\ Thanks

How goes the hunt? ???

Not very good so far. I called Wells Fargo all day long yesterday but I could never get anyone on the phone so I left a message and I haven’t heard back yet. I did find an American General in my area so I’m looking there next.