Hi. I am new in this field and I would like your help to advise
me in real estate investment.
My concern is about how to get a property without problems as liens, mortgages, etc. What sould be a cronological order for the process?
Thanks , I hope somebody can help me.

There is NO easy way that I am aware of to get a property through tax liens or tax deeds.

I sugest you go to you local courthouse law libary and ask the librarian to assist you…GET COPIES OF ALL statutes pertaining to tax sales in your particular state.

Go home, read them at least THREE times…learn what you are getting into.

Simply purchasing a tax lien or tax deed and getting the document from the taxing authority WILL NOT give you clean clear title to it.

They DO NOT take property from peole without DUE PROCESS being done.

Good Luck,

Bill H