Help me with deal! Houston TX

Hey guys, I have a vacant home. Motivated sellers!!! I found owners and it wasn’t easy. But now I have paralysis from analysis.
ARV= 90k

post the details on craigslist… call any and all buyers that you know all we buy houses signs… first things first do you have the house under contract??? and how long do you have to close on it???

Need more info then that.

Do you have a buyer who is interested?
What do you want to make on the deal?
Do you have more then one come for your ARV price?
What is going to be your MAO?

Sounds interesting, you have any updates on how you handled this particular deal? Paralysis from analysis huh? let us know how this deal worked out for you. ;D

If you don’t have this house under contract by now you have very likely lost this deal. Can’t wholesale in slow motion. I hope your analysis paralysis didn’t prohibit you from locking it up.

lol. If you take to long you get it wrong. Just like my mother use to tell me. :biggrin

Yep lol!

Get the house under contract…now. You can always get out of the deal later, but lock it up.

If these numbers are accurate, blast it out to every we buy houses sign you see, put ad on craigslist, go to your local investment club and tell everyone.

One of the owners is HARD to get a hold of…He is in the army! And the other owner (her husband) is deceased.

That means you only have one owner now. If your numbers are even close to being accurate it sounds like a helluva deal. Do whatever is necessary to get him to sign a purchase agreement as soon as possible.

By the way, exactly what was your initial question?

Good luck!

When I first got started in wholesaling, I use to suffer from paralysis from analysis. I was always afraid that seller would be offended by my offers. What you need to realize is that you aren’t in the business to make an offer that just the seller finds acceptable. You have to make an offer that first and foremost an investor buyer finds acceptable. Putting a property under contract isn’t rocket science. All anyone has to do is agree to the seller’s price, but that contract does you no good if you can’t find a buyer for it because it isn’t a profitable deal. That is how I go about every offer I submit, because a real estate wholesaler really is nothing more then an investor deal finder. If you keep that in mind, you should be fine.

No time to get paralyzed :rolleyes… Lock it down NOW!!!

Yes, lock up a contract with the owner, now. You’ve got lots of room to go with the contract price. Add your fee to it, and blast that new price to craigslist, etc., as a cash only deal. When you find a good deal like that, you need to unparalize yourself & run with it.